La Demoiselle d’Avignon: 12” x 15” mixed-media collage. Juxtaposition of images versus writing, color versus black and white. Transparency overlay including string and leaf.

Galveston Boardwalk: Iris print (archival quality). Light and subject matter in Texas are tempting for any photographer; pure “street photography,” no arrangements, no manipulation.

Autobiography: 12” x 15” mixed-media collage. Color variations in oil, including photographic snapshots from artist’s life.

Emperor’s Garden, Souzho, China: Iris print (archival quality). I took this photograph while visiting the Emperor’s garden and finally discovering some color in the otherwise washed out environment. All of the flowers are made of paper.

Homage to Pop Artist Tom Wesselmann: 19” x 25” mixed-media collage. From idea to photograph to sketch and finally monotype print. A symphony of original images.

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