Ph.D. in applied linguistics with emphasis in semiotics, Rice University Department of
Linguistics and Semiotics 

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in filmmaking, Rice University Media Center, Houston, Texas 

Research for lecture series in “Visual Artefacts,” Rice University Department of Linguistics and Semiotics



Teaching and Research appointments as Assistant Professor at Rice University, University of Delaware, Brown University, and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Seminars and lectures in stylistics, semiotics, film, impact of color in photography, and visual and verbal narratives; emphasis on curriculum development and planning, organization and execution of international workshops: Houston Center for Photography (founding member of organization/writer of its first lecture series with Houston artists and photographers).

Lectures on “visual artefacts” and “image and text” at above mentioned universities, as well as Dartmouth College (conference on “Image and Text”) and paper presented on “Relational Systems” and published by the Semiotic Society of America (Annual Meeting, San Francisco); member of “Creative Task Force,” Honors Program, University of Delaware (8 faculty members chosen, symposium/grant proposal for curriculum on “The Imagination”).

Documentary and reportage work as photographer, artist and journalist (grant from the Houston Arts Council for environmental photography project, Houston, Texas; PALS award in photography, Rice Publishing Program (Fellow); member of group of women photojournalists invited from American University to “Women’s Conference” and Photographic Association of China to present work and travel through China.